Co-Curricular Activities: Knowing that, the students will not be equipped to face life just by an academic degree; emphasis is put on extra co-curricular activities as well. High priority is placed on value education, learning and socially useful productive work and physical training. Students are encouraged to complete in the school level and inter-school level painting sports and games. Important occasion like Republic Day, Independence Day, Teachers’ Day, Children Day, Parents Day and School days are celebrated with excellent participation by staff’,  committee  members, parents and students. Regular school assembly is conducted where each class in turn to conduct the assembly and present varieties activities. Houses also present charts and bulletin boards on regular’s bodies and exhibit them on the school notice boards. Condolence services were conducted in the assembly whenever some important National leaders or relatives of teachers or students passed away. Also with a view to train up leaders in the society, students are divided into groups/houses. In each house captain and assistant captain are appointed. They are instructed and give them training to lead their house members in the inter house competition. Activities are conducted under their leadership   are-like environment awareness, Seminar, zero garbage cleaning drive and health hygiene training. Regular cultural programs were also conducted thrice in a week on every first, third and fourth Saturday, Competition like – extempore speech, essay writing, singing, dancing, painting are conducted and winners were awarded attractive prize and certificate.

Peace Club: To cultivate the value of peace among the students peace club were set up with the collaboration of other NGO (JUST). The leaders of the peace club were given several types of training, seminars and workshop to develop their skills to face different types of challenges in leadership. Different types of competitions and activities were conducted under the leadership of peace club.

Teachers Training: In spite of their noble character and scholarly knowledge if a teacher does not have the capacity of teaching he/she  is bound to fail in his profession. Therefore, regular seminar and workshop and trainings are arranged for teachers to adequate and update their teaching.

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