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(Affiliated to CBSE - 2030024, New Delhi)

The Synod Foundation Eng. Medium School is the educational branch of Evangelical Synod Church (ECCI), Manipur and was established in the year 2001 with a motto "Truth Conquers".

The School is located in Lefunga, Tripura West – 799210.

The objective of the mission institution is to equip and excel the students in their academic, and is also to extend God’s Kingdom among the unreached people in this region. God blessed so much the handy work of the missionaries that the school has grown upto secondary level and is now affiliated with CBSE since 2013.

We are a community of learning and serving.
We provide academically rigorous studies.

Whether your desire is to be an engeneering, doctor, officer, or any, SFEMS is the right place for you to prepare yourself to be the very best!


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