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It is a privileged and honour for me to give a brief report of the Synod Foundation English Medium School in this Souvenir “Yaphri” on the occasion ‘the   10th  Annual Conference celebration. At the outset I give glory and honor to Almighty God for His bountiful blessing upon the school. Secondly, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to celebration committee for their humble invitation to give school’s reports in the magazine. Let me begin my reports by giving honor and solute to Shri (L) Lamkholal (Lalneo) Gangte the founder Headmaster, Mrs. Chonga w/o Rev. Letthang Gangte the founder lady and Evan Khoulpau ( Sir,K.S.)Gangte the living martyred and Pr. Thangtinlun Kipgen, for their valuable contributions in the initial stage. May God bless each one of them and their families abundantly.

Genesis of the School: The pioneer missionary Evan. Letgou Gangte landed into Tripura (ICI Mission compound) on 14th August 1994, initially he was assigned to take care of the new believers at a village called Zagatram from 11 Sept. 1994 to 20th   February 1997 by ICI Mission. Since the mission was searching suitable Field to

carry out their own ministry, after three years a land was bought at Zamirghat (Manipuris Basti) under the guidance of ICI missionaries. The pioneer missionaries  Evan. Letgou Gangte, his wife  and Pr. Lethang Gangte shifted from Kisong (ICI Compound) to Zamirghat  (Manipuri Basti) on 27th February 1998.This date had a great significance in the history ESC., Tripura Mission Field, it can be termed as the Mission Foundation Day. Soon the mission felt an important of opening mission school in Tripura outreach mission Field. After ministering the gospel for three years, the mission took its decision to established school in Tripura. As per the Mission & Evangelism Board ESC,.Manipur instruction , Mrs.Chonga started the school on 21st January, 2001. Initially the school was called   Zamirght Nursery English Medium School and later on it was known as Synod Foundation English Medium School. The School had very humble beginning; it began with a handful of kindergarten under a thatch  roof, with a single teacher. Soon the Mission bought school campus at Rajghat and shifted the school from Zamirghat to the new campus Jugendra complex Rajghat on18th January, 2002.The structures of the building were bamboo pillars, bamboo wall and temporary tin roofs.  On 21, April, 2003 the school building was totally destroyed by cyclone.

The next year in 2003 the people of Lefunga invited the mission to shift their school at Lefunga Village. After several meetings and discussions the Evangelical Synod Church, Mission & Evangelism Board Manipur took decisive decision to shift the school at

Lefunga. Once again for the third times the school was shifted to Lefunga in January 2004.The village committee offered 2.40 acres of land for school campus and the land was registered in the name of the society and the school. During that year due to financial crisis the school was run at the community hall for one academic session 2004.


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